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Our Serve First Philosophy

At Atlas Financial we follow Lincoln Financial Advisors' Serve First philosophy, which means that we must approach our clients with all the human understanding possible and with one desire: the desire to do the best job we can for that client.

We must help our clients to recognize both the problems and opportunities they face, and we will strive to be the best team able to provide the financial counseling they require.

Our clients will react positively to sincere interest and genuine expertise the moment they recognize them, and they will spot insincerity and incompetence just as quickly.

To embody this philosophy through and through, we must first be fully committed in all that we do to “serve first, last and always.”

Once we agree to work for our clients, we commit to take their problems into our hands, and we believe that when we constantly deliver the very best of service and professionalism and financial acumen, we are truly helping clients accomplish their objectives.

We are part of Lincoln Financial Group, the marketing name for Lincoln National Corporation and its affiliates. We have a 100‐year‐old heritage of helping people find solutions to their financial challenges ‐ with the same honesty, integrity, and responsibility that you'd expect from our namesake. It's a legacy that we proudly and respectfully continue each day.

The Strength of Lincoln Financial Today

The Strength of Lincoln Financial Today

Lincoln Financial is one of the largest financial services companies in the country. We believe our continued commitment to strength and stability is indispensable to who we are and critical to your confidence in us. We are a proven industry leader in identifying and delivering sophisticated financial strategies and product solutions for the creation, preservation, protection, and enjoyment of wealth. We are committed to helping clients redefine their retirement because we don't believe retirement is an end ‐ it's an opportunity for everyone to start doing what they were meant for all along.

A Dedicated Team Working For You

Lincoln Financial Advisors is a preeminent fee‐based financial planning firm with prodigious experience in asset management, business continuity and wealth transfer strategies. We provide clients with fee‐based retirement, estate and business succession planning, as well as related estate tax, investment and insurance strategies.

Client Centered

We are a member of Lincoln Financial Group, the marketing name for Lincoln National Corporation and its affiliates, a prominent financial services company dedicated to helping clients build, preserve and protect wealth. This affiliation helps provide depth, stability and significant resources to our clients.

Our name and reputation have been built on servicing each client as if he or she were our only client. The personal attention we provide is one of the primary reasons that many of our clients become partners for life.

We believe in Service ‐ First, Last and AlwaysSM. We believe long‐term relationships are more important than short‐term gains and will never sacrifice the former for the latter.

Conviction in what we do; the courage to get our clients to take action; competency based on continuing education and training; bringing national resources together on a team that will benefit each client; and communication that builds understanding and trust ‐ these are the qualities of our "Serve First" philosophy. And these are the commitments we make to each of our clients.

If this is the kind of partnership that makes sense to you, give us the opportunity to personally discuss the benefit of our work with you. We are confident you'll be glad you did.

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